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Naskah Drama ------- Cinderella


Yang lagi nyari naskah Drama buat tugas Bahasa Inggrisnya sok mari di copy juga gapapa :)) Siapa tau nilainya bisa bagus kaya gue ujian praktek smp dulu  wkwk

Naskah drama Cinderella ini untuk 7 atau 8 orang :))

·         Widya Putri                            a.s       Cinderella
·         Rizqi Adji Pramudia              a.s        Prince
·         Yolanda Saqina harnum       a.s        Alice
·         Azizah Kusuma Ningtyas     a.s        Rose
·         Novia Indriani                        a.s        Stepmother
·         Wahyuni Aprilia                    a.s        Fairy & Witerss Kingdom
·         Fyrda Rosalina Rais              a.s        Narator         

In the morning at the cinderella’s house

Cinderella                               : La la la la.
Alice                                       : Well, this delicious cake.
Rose                                       : Oh, my hair trimmed difficult.
Alice                                       : Damn. This cake is gone. Cinderella quickly get me this cake again!
Rose                                       : Cinderella trim my hair!
Cinderella                              : la la la (not heard)
Alice                                       : Cinderella! Where are you! Quick get me a cake and do not forget the tea too!
Rose                                       : Cinderella! Do not you have ears! Quick trim my hair!
Alice                                       : Cinderella!!
Rose                                       : Cinderella!!
Alice                                       : Cinderellaaaa!!!!

There is a girl named Cinderella. Cinderella means chimney, of course it's not her real name. Her stepmother and her sisters only for taunting. Previously she lived happily. Since her birth mother died his father married a woman who has two children. Cinderella stars new life. Especially since his father's death,and  Cinderella lives more miserable.

Cinderella                              : la la la.
Stepmother                           : Heemh
Cinderella                              : Ah mothers
Stepmother                           : Cinderella what are you doing here?
Cinderella                              : I Enghh
Stepmother                           : Alice and Rose was screaming call. But you just play  only. What you did not hear it!
Cinderella                              : Enghh, I do not play
Stepmother                           : Do not talk much. Now quickly go into and obey what the will of your sister!
Cinderella                              : Enghh, either

Cinderella always obeys the orders from her stepmother and her sisters. Although she is upset to be treated like this. But Cinderella never feels  resentment.

Cinderella                               : (picking up the cake and tea. Then comb Roses hairs Rose)

~> At royal palace
Prince                                     : I want making happy my parents. Than I will make a dance party tonight. I want you to invite all the girls at this kingdom. Are you understand?
Servant                                  : Ah okay, Sir.
Prince                                    : You must come to their home and give this information to them.
Servant                                  : Okay
Prince                                    : Going know.
Servant                                  : okay.

'Knock, knock, knock' knock the door

Servant kingdom                  : Excuse me!
Alice                                       : Some one is coming
Rose                                       : Cinderella, quickly open the door and see who's coming
Cinderella                              : okay.

'Knock knock knock’

Cinderella                              : Yeah, wait a minute! enghh
Servant kingdom                  : Excuse me ma'am. I come to bring tidings of the kingdom.
Alice & Rose                          : The news of the kingdom??? AAA
Stepmother                           : (Shocked with shouts of Alice and Rose) why are they screaming? (Running after voice directions)
Cinderella                              : royal news?
Alice & Rose                          : News of the Kingdom?
Waiterss kingdom                : Yes ma'am.
Stepmother                           : (coming)
Servant kingdom                  : Since the prince had adulthood, the King and Queen of the kingdom will hold its first ma dance to find a good companion for the prince. All the people of the kingdom are invited to come in without exception.
Alice & Rose                          : HAH DANCE PARTY?
Servant kingdom                  : so an announcement from me. Excuse me miss lady. The King and Queen and the prince are expecting your arrival.
Stepmother                           : Oh thank you for the information and invitation. We are definitely coming
Alice                                       : Come rose, we had to prepare everything from now
Rose                                       : okay sister. Let us prepare.
Cinderella                              : the dance? I really want to go there. But do I deserve to come? I dont have nice clothes.huhhs
Alice                                       : hey cinderella. Why are you silent? Quick help us get ready! Fast!
Rose                                       : fast cinderella! It has been shown at 4 pm. Not much time!
Cinderella                              : okay .

Alice and Rose are busy to  get  ready for the dance party tonight. They are busy picking out costumes and dress up to look pretty. But cinderella isn’t doing enything she just help them to get ready. In fact cinderella really wants to go there, but Cinderella doesn’t  have appropriate and prefer to stay at home.

Alice                                       : ah this nice dress. But it certainly would be great if the tape. cinderella I want you to add a ribbon on this dress.
Cinderella                              : either
Alice                                       : and I also will wear pink shoes. Quick clean up!
Cinderella                              : yeah okay
Rose                                       : Do not stop combing my hair
Cinderella                              : okay
Rose                                       : I'll wear red shoes. Clean up later!
Cinderella                              : yeah
Rose                                       : Cinderella, do not you want to go?
Cinderella                              : Oh no sister. People like me do not deserve to go to a magnificent and luxurious way.
Alice                                       : Of course. If Cinderella went surely people would laugh. Haha
Rose                                       : yeah right. Haha
Cinderella                              : hahaha
Alice                                       : lho? why do you laugh too?
Cinderella                              : oh yeah. Should I cry
Rose                                       : haha. Stupid!

Thats always happens. Cinderella’s sisters always make fun of her and hurt her. However cinderella keep is  trying to be patient to face everything. she realizes her life now is different from the first. If cinderella fights, the stepmother will certainly punish her.They never be nice to Cinderella. Although cinderella always nice  to them but somehow they never be nice to cinderella.

Stepmother                           : Alice, Rose .. It's ready to go to a party?
Alice                                       : wait mom
Cinderella                              : everything is neat
Alice                                       : Okay. We will go now.
Rose                                       : Do not go anywhere as long as we go
Cinderella                              : okay

Cinderella was left alone again. She  still tried to smile when her stepmother and her sisters go. Actually, she really wants to go to the party. But ....

Cinderella                              : my sister's and my mother  were gone. I now live alone. how long I will live like this? Hiks
 Something like a glowing gem stones fall near Cinderella’s  foot and turn into a beautiful fairy.

Fairy                                      : Do not cry cinderella
Cinderella                              : huh who are you? (Surprised and wiped the tears)
Fairy                                      : cinderella fear not, I'm a fairy who came down from heaven, for they hear your cries
Cinderella                              : huh?
Fairy                                      : Now tell me why you're sad?

Cinderella tells everything that happened to the fairy. She also told that she wants to go to a dance in party at the royal palace.

Fairy                                      : then I'll help you to be able to go to the dance.
Cinderella                              : right?
Fairy                                      : now go to the garden and grab a pumpkin and away

Cinderella goes to the garden in the backyard to pick a pumpkin that was ordered by the fairy.

Cinderella                              : This fairy.
Fairy                                      : Ah this bad pumkin. Now going to the garden again and find the nice pumkin.
Cinderella                              : Huh. Yes fairy.

Cinderella goes to the garden again and find a perfect pumkin.

Cinderella                              : This is a pumkin fairy.
Fairy                                      : wow! Very perfect. And simsalabimkring (juggling pumpkins into horse-drawn carriage) now you can go to the dance.
Cinderella                              : waw! Awesome. But  what it's okay if I go there?
Fairy                                      : ahahaha, I forgot the most important thing for you. Well, simsalabimkring (cinderella juggle being smartly dressed and beautiful)

Elves help cinderella with all the wonders that she has to be able to come to the party. All done by a fairy because she felt that cinderella is a good person and deserves to come to the party. It's unfortunate if cinderella doesn’t come to the most festive dance  in the kingdom.
~> While at the royal palace

Prince                                    : weird. In fact, many women who came tonight. But no one can make me fall in love.
Alice                                       : wah handsome prince. Surely soon they will ask me to dance
Rose                                       : What! For sure I will be invited to dance
Alice                                       : I'm sure hahah
Rose                                       : me!
Alice                                       : I am!
Rose                                       : Me!
Alice                                       : me!
Stepmother                           : silence you! You want to destroy the chance of you huh?

Alice and Rose’s fighting is  stopped by their stepmother. Because their mother doesn’t want to miss the opportunity for her children to be able to dance with the prince.

~> Back to the preparation of  Cinderella to go to the dance party

Fairy                                      : now preparing to complete all.
Cinderella                              : thank you fairy. It's like a beautiful dream for me
Fairy                                      : but cinderella, this dreams can only last until 12 o'clock tonight. So you have to go home before 12 at night. Got it?
Cinderella                              : yes, I understand. I'll be home before 12 o'clock at night

Cinderella can go to the dance with the help from fairy. But all of magic from the fairy, only can srand until 12 o’clock at night. When the time has shown at 12 midnight then all the magic would be lost instantly. And Cinderella goes to a dance party at 8 pm by a horse-drawn carriage that has been transformed by a fairy from a pumpkin.

~> Cinderella upon arrives at the royal palace

Servant kingdom                  : prince, outside there was a princess who had just arrived. I think you should see it
Prince                                    : Do they have anything with it until I had to see it?
Servant kingdom                  : see prince
Prince                                    : (prince runs out of the palace)
Cinderella                              : prince goodnight
Prince                                    : so beautiful
Cinderella                              : What prince?
Prince                                    : ah I mean will you dance with me?

Cinderella and the prince dance. All eyes of guest at looking at them and all the girls are jealous with cinderella.They are jealous because cinderella is beautiful  and envious because cinderela can dance with the prince. but no one knows the real her identity because now Cinderella has different appearance than she use to usual.

Stepmother                           : pretty girl. I've never met a pretty girl like her before.
Alice & Rose                          : heemh
Stepmother                           : ehem ehem, I mean you are more beautiful than her baby. Haha haha ​​

After a long dance, the prince takes  Cinderella to take  awhile

Prince                                    : you're so pretty
Cinderella                              : thanks
Prince                                    : whats your name?

'Deng, deng, deng' The sound of the bells is very loud

Cinderella                              : ah prince bell sounds?
Prince                                    : yeah it's a bell at 12 o'clock at night
Cinderella                              : what? I have to go
Prince                                    : heyy wait. I do not know your name
Cinderella                              : sorry but I have to go
Prince                                    : ah why?

All guests are invited to an event occurring shock. And the prience give them information if he want to make a competition tommorow. And the servant kingdom will come to their home in the morning.

Prince                                    : I want to make a competition for find the girl who has this shoe.
Alice & Rose                          : Yeahhh.
Prince                                    : Whoever feet with this shoe I will merry with her.
Alice & Rose                          : Wooaa...
Prince                                    : And tommorow the servant will coming to your house and give opportunity to every girls in the kingdom to try this shoe.
All of guest back to go to their home.
~> Next day at cinderella’s home
'Knock knok knock' sound of knocking the door

Servant kingdom                  : Excuse me !
Cinderella                              : yes, wait a minute
Servant kingdom                  : Good morning lady. I come to bring tidings of the kingdom
Cinderella                              : royal news again?
Stepmother                           : ah turn our house huh?
Cinderella                              : turn our homes?
Rose                                       : What? So you do not know it? Though the news has been spread throughout the country.
Alice                                       : yes, of course. Cinderella's not coming to the party
Rose, Alice & stepmother    : Hahahahaaaa
Servant kingdom                  : um, can I start now?
Stepmother                           : oh please.
Servant kingdom                  : at a party last night the princess left shoe. Thus the prince looking for the girl whose foot fits the shoe.
Cinderella                              : enggh,, what should I do?
Stepmother                           : hear! however, your foot should fit!
Rose                                       : Let me try first yeah
Alice                                       : can not! Me first
Rose                                       : I’m ahh!
Alice                                       : Me !
Servant kingdom                  : no matter who first determined not fight
Alice                                       :  auhh auhh
Servant kingdom                  : not suitable
Alice                                       : ahhhh not possible!!!
Rose                                       : I'm next. Surely this shoe fits my foot
 auhh auhh
Servant kingdom                  : not suitable
Rose                                       : ahhhh not possible!!!
Stepmother                           : hah! If your legs are no match is cut just feet definitely fits!
Servant kingdom                  : ah so should not be forced. Means everything does not fit you? Duhh
Cinderella                              : Could I try that glass slipper?
Alice                                       : hey cinderella do not joke
Rose                                       : yes. You did not  come to the dance party!
Servant kingdom                  : ah it's okay ma'am. All the girls in the kingdom was allowed to try on shoes. Please! Please!
Cinderella                              : (tried)
Alice, Rose & stepmother    : ahh no way! We do not believe
Cinderella                              : (removing the pair of shoes)
Servant empire                     : Aaaa I finally found the prince's bride. Good good!

The waiter brings Cinderella to the royal palace. And finally the prince marry with Cinderella. however cinderella’s stepmother can not bear to leave her sisters because she know that they can’t do the usual thing that  cinderella used to do.

~> At royal palace

Prince                                    : Hey pretty girl. Finally we meet again. How are you?
Cinderella                              : Ah, fine thanks.
Prince                                    : what your name?
Cinderella                              : Cinderella.
Prince                                    : would you like to be my wife?
Cinderella                              : hmm, of course prince.
Prince                                    : do you know cinderella. I feel very happy now.
Cinderella                              : me too prince.

Stepmother and Cinderella’a sisters is coming to the royal palace.

Alice                                       : cinderella, why do you still want to invite us to stay at the royal palace with you?
Rose                                        : yes cinderella, but we always do evil to you.
Cinderella                              : Ah no problem sister. I will not be able to live without you. I love you guys.
Stepmother                            : you really noble cinderella
Alice & Rose                           : (hugging cinderella)
Alice, Rose & stepmother     : forgive us cinderela
Cinderella                               : I have forgiven you. And I hope you would stay with me
Alice, Rose & stepmother     : yes cinderella, we will.

Finally they live happily together in the royal palace without animosity and resentment between them any more.

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